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Text Files poster

Text Files poster

The first in our semi-regular poster series is designed by a very funny man named Rob Cordiner. You may know his work from such work as Smalltime Projects, Smalltime Books or Heavy Time—or our very own logo and ‘brand identity’. But aside from all that, Rob is hilarious. He came up with this one on the fly, when he was working on ideas for something else.

‘What do you think of this?’ he asked Penny and Max via email. Penny’s reply was as follows: ‘Cords!!! I am going to Officeworks right now to print this.’ Five minutes later, she sent a follow-up email: ‘I’m just about dying about this.’

Instead of printing it at Officeworks, we decided to get it done properly on cool, pastel blue paper in a limited run of 50. It comes rolled up in a tube, so it will be curly when you open it (see first image) but it also easily sits flat if you put some books on it or stick it up (see third image). It’s just shy of A1—594 x 840mm, to be exact. Stick it on your wall or your window, Mulder-style.