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Hold It Together jumper—grey

Hold It Together jumper—grey

This is a cotton crewneck jumper with raglan sleeves. Raglan is a great word, we think. This jumper (or sweater, or windcheater—whatever you prefer to call it) has a print on the front of it. The artwork is by a fellow named Tim Lahan, an artist from America. We really like his work. ‘Hold it together’ is a bit of a catch-cry for us here at The Good Copy. The vibe is that you acknowledge that things get a bit desperate sometimes, especially if you expose yourself to the challenges and pressures of life. And acknowledging that things are hard—that what you do is difficult—is empowering. Holding it together and keeping on going is the only way forward. At least we think that’s what it’s about.

The jumper itself is made by AS Colour. It comes in standard adult men’s sizes that run true to size.

It is very difficult to photograph a grey sweatshirt hanging on a wall, but trust us: this is nice.