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The Gaz issue 4

The Gaz issue 4

Like a pot of lamb and seafood, The Gaz issue 4 is a heady mix of flavours that, in theory, should clash. But like the dishes that arrive during a long, heavy dinner at Jim’s Greek Tavern, it all winds up colliding in the funniest and smokiest way.

This issue features:

  • an interview with Meredith Forrester about Donald Trump’s Twitter game and her zine, Okay But
  • photos from the IPF Photo Book and Zine Fair 2016, captioned by Max Olijnyk
  • an interview with Max about his first book, Some Stories
  • a story about gaming the eBay system to make money from bootleg computer keys
  • a review of writing a book
  • an interview with Leo, the owner of our Mecca, Jim’s Greek Tavern.

All this is housed in a modest 24-page, full-colour, saddle-stitched A5 volume that you simply must own. Quantities are limited and close to exhausted, so get in while you can.