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Stay Nervous tote

Stay Nervous tote

This tote bag features a portrait of Penny Modra accompanied by the words ‘Stay nervous’.

Part of what makes Penny such a great writer and editor is that she applies the same intense focus and anxiety to everything she does. Whether it’s an Instagram post, a petty cash receipt or a feature for The Guardian, Penny gives it her all—and ‘Stay nervous’ is her slightly fatalistic way of explaining this approach. It’s a reminder that something could go wrong at any time.

Joanna Anderson is the artist whose illustration of Penny graces this tote. We approached Joanna for this job because we like her work. Luckily, she agreed to do it—otherwise, we would’ve had to draw it ourselves. That wouldn’t have looked so good.

These totes are well-suited to people who like to carry things in bags. I'll tell you what else: this bag has two handles. It is made of nice, thick cotton canvas. It is white. It is screen-printed here in Melbourne by All of the Above.