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No Way! Okay, Fine—Brodie Lancaster

No Way! Okay, Fine—Brodie Lancaster

‘Reads like a hilarious catch-up call with an old friend. What a pleasure to hear from this fresh, extremely relevant point of view.’ —Abbi Jacobson, Broad City 

‘I wish Brodie was the voice of my inner monologue … extremely relatable, unashamedly funny, powerful and beautifully vulnerable.’ —Courtney Barnett, music star

‘Haha is writing a book just trying the hardest you’ve ever tried OR WHAT’ —Brodie Lancaster, book writer 

Our beloved colleague Brodie has written a book and we’re selling signed copies. It’s called No Way! Okay, Fine. Is it about working in the client services department of The Good Copy? I’ll admit, we were worried. But no! It’s a funny, honest, straight-talking memoir: a life story from age 6-ish to 26, from Bundaberg to New York City, told through the lenses of pop culture, feminism and feelings. It is also a great read at a hot price. See you at the launch party or else.

About the launch:
Sunday 9 July, 4–7pm
The Gasometer, 484 Smith St, Collingwood
Featuring Crying on the Eastern Freeway (choir), Suss Cunts (punks), Japanese Wallpaper (DJ set)
RSVP here.

About Brodie:
Brodie Lancaster is always writing smart, thoughtful essays, opinions and interviews for places such as New York magazine, Rolling StoneRookiePitchfork and Jezebel. When she’s not putting us to shame in this way, she’s also a managing editor here at The Good Copy. 

About the book: 
No Way! Okay, Fine: A memoir of pop culture, feminism and feelings
Published by Hachette Australia on 27 June 2017
ISBN: 9780733635991
Pages: 272 
Format: Paperback

Each copy is signed by the author and probs includes a cheeky message.